Ibrahim Musa: Cuts for Kids Founder and Ottawa Community Housing Ambassador


Ibrahim Musa is a busy nineteen year old – he runs a non-profit organization, the Cuts For Kids Foundation, which he created, works with City Council through his role on the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee, is an intern at Youth Ottawa and is an Ottawa Community Housing Tenant Ambassador. He does all this while attending the University of Ottawa, full-time. 

Ibrahim arrived in Canada as a refugee from Iraq in 2002 and has lived in Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) since, becoming a Tenant Ambassador in 2016 with the goal of inspiring others. 

In 2015, Ibrahim was inspired to start a non-profit organization that provides free haircuts to children in Ottawa. A little under a year later and with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers, charitable community members, local barbershops and hair salons, and lawyers offering pro-bono assistance, the Cuts For Kids Foundation was born. As the Executive Director, Ibrahim now manages a team of eight staff, all of whom work unpaid and are dedicated to the cause, and together they run between 8-10 events every year and coordinate 2-4 fundraisers. 

He credits Ottawa Community Housing and the help and guidance that the staff provided as one of the reasons for his success. The other is the community around him and the importance of tenants working together. 

The Cuts For Kids Foundation recently received Agent Status with Youth Ottawa, officially becoming a charity, with all the fundraising directly contributing to the program. The future is bring for this young star.