Kristin Schilkie: Creating a Safe Place

By Diana Barry


Finding joy in helping others live a successful life is one of the many reasons that Kristin Schilkie is motivated with her work at the Ottawa Mission. 

Kristin is a frontline worker with the Housing First program at the Ottawa Mission. This program has really taken off and helped many homeless individuals/families obtain a place of their own. Within this position she is helping Ottawa’s issue with homelessness by directly moving people out of the shelter into their own place or connecting them to the services that will best support them. 

Growing up, Kristin felt joy from helping others, this shows throughout her work with ending homelessness. She was working with the Ottawa Mission and soon after found herself in Client Services as a Housing Support Worker, she enjoys finding housing and connecting her clients to new organizations. She continues to work in this field because of the great feeling she gets by seeing how happy her clients are while moving into their new homes. One of the most difficult challenges she has found within her work is finding affordable housing for her clients which is an ongoing issue in Ottawa. Maintaining good relationships with landlords and agencies is one of the ways she has overcame this issue. She continues to put all she has into her work in order to be the representative that her clients need when they may not have anyone else. 

Kristin explains how in order to handle most challenges you must never give up, and continue to persevere in order to get the results you want. She goes on to state that kindness and respect go a long way and to always be mindful of what someone else may be going through while interacting with someone new. Creating a safe place where you can be comfortable and have memories with family and friends is exactly the description of home for Kristin and one of the reasons as to why she works so hard to help others find a safe place they can call home. She continues to love what she does in order to help others get the support that they may not be able to do on their own.