Annual Progress Report

Since 2005, the Alliance to End Homelessness has produced an annual Progress Report on Ending Homelessness in Ottawa. The Report assesses our community’s progress in ending homelessness by comparing annual change in a number of areas, including: the number of persons using emergency shelters, the average length of shelter stay, housing affordability and the number of new affordable housing options created.

Additional information on the use of emergency shelters was added in the 2014 Report, with specific data on the numbers of youth (16-25), older adults (50+) and individuals who are chronically or episodically homeless.

The Report is published annually to ensure that we as a community hold ourselves accountable for the goals we have established – including the goal outlined in our community’s ten-year plan, an end to long-term homelessness in Ottawa. Further, the portrait of homelessness offered by the Report aims to ensure that our resources and interventions are continuously targeted most effectively and efficiently.

Progress Report REVIEW 2014-2017