Your donation supports concrete solutions to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness in Ottawa. We know homelessness is not an individual choice. It is a policy choice that requires systemic change to ensure everyone has an affordable, appropriate home.

Communities are drastically reducing homelessness and others have ended it. We work to bring these nation-wide solutions to Ottawa’s local context. Our collaborative approach centres on people most impacted by homelessness for a truly holistic solution.

We need everyone to help end homelessness: those impacted most by it, politicians, people who work in the sector, and everyone who lives in our communities. We know with your help, we can end homelessness in Ottawa.

*The Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa is a registered non-profit, and not a registered charity. Because of this, we are not able to offer tax receipts for donations.

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Address: PO Box 22021, Ottawa, ON K1V 0W2

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