I sometimes hear the argument that social housing doesn't foster 'pride in ownership'. What would you say to someone that has that opinion?

What we need is a cultural shift that values social housing and does not treat property ownership as the ultimate goal. Since the 1980s, neoliberal policies have accelerated homeownership through commodification, gentrification, and subsidies targeting homeowners rather than renters. This has led to a significant imbalance in rental development and support, which further fuels the idea that social housing is the least desirable option.
However, there is gorgeous social housing in other countries, where there is no discernible difference between social and private housing. You can have a really good life as a renter, just like you can have a really good life without owning a car. It is a matter of people getting over cultural stereotypes that are so entrenched in how we make decisions and set our expectations.

Since Canada doesn’t directly provide much social housing, it needs to at least steer the private market more effectively. However these same neoliberal policies have encouraged market steering of public goods as well.

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